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era. is a strategic asset management consultancy.

Founded by Emma Robinson, to provide innovative solutions and services for real estate investors, developers and managers seeking to navigate through the changing market, embrace future trends and optimise income, value and performance.

The transition to omnichannel shopping, the experience economy, social connectivity and environmental sustainability has created opportunities as well as challenges.

We are excited about how these opportunities can be embraced to protect and strengthen asset performance, market profile and community engagement.

Our approach is customer-focussed, forward-looking, research-led, creative, collaborative and constructive.

Our priority is to understand our Client’s needs, tailor our services to fulfill those needs and deliver the best solutions in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and value.

We are a niche agile business working with a network of associated experts and consultants.


We offer a range of asset management services from strategic planning through to project implementation.

We are flexible. We can work independently or in partnership with our client’s teams, on a longer-term retainer or project by project basis.

Here are some examples of the services we offer to strengthen performance, enhance customer engagement and manage the evolving priorities though an asset’s lifecycle:

  • Strategic planning to transition assets into the new digital, experiential, low carbon economy
  • Mobilising asset management set up on development and refurbishment projects
  • Identifying and delivering opportunities for value-add initiatives
  • Facilitating team away-days and workshops to produce project strategy and business plans
  • Managing asset rent review and lease expiry cycles to protect value and offer

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your specific requirements and we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.


To ensure our client’s needs are fulfilled we recommend the following process to plan and implement projects successfully

  1. An initial meeting to understand client business needs

  2. A proposal setting out the consultancy’s recommended approach to the instruction

  3. A contract and project plan setting out the brief and scope, objectives, timescales and outcomes

  4. Regular updates to report on progress

  5. A post completion Client review meeting to ensure the brief has been fulfilled and our client has a successful outcome


Founder, Emma Robinson, has over 20 years of professional experience in the retail property industry, specialising in the development and asset management of pioneering shopping and leisure destinations, including Bluewater in Kent, Liverpool One and The Bullring Estate in Birmingham.

Emma has extensive experience and a strong track record leading teams to create vibrant dynamic venues for market-leading assets and realise potential for growth. She has a particular interest in promoting innovation, city centre regeneration and environmental sustainability.

We are a niche agile business working with a network of experts and consultants.



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